Interns from all Canadian Universities are welcome to apply to us, in order to complete the required University Internship hours.

If you are an under-graduate or graduate students in the field of Social Sciences, Psychology or Counselling and looking for getting hands on experience in community services related jobs, we can help you with fulfilling your vocational goals. Since 2009, numerous students with mental health or professional counselling degrees from Canada or other countries have been trained within our practicum site.

Our main focus on offering practicum site is to help students learn integrating theory and professional practice while understanding the culturally based mental challenges of particular communities. During the practicum program, our interns gain hands-on experiences in the field of mental health and professional counseling, and also increase their organizational skills. Students will work and report directly to a clinical supervisor and practicum coordinator.

The students contribute while they receive training within the following areas:

1Clinical work experience,

2Educational and Theory learning,

3Administration, intake, and need evaluation,

4Networking and Public Relation with related NGO’s in the same filed,

5Policy and Ethical Practice involved in working as clinical and psychotherapists regulated by British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Students are required to attend two hours weekly case-consultation- supervision meetings to:

•Review formal or informal assessments and case-conceptualizations in regards to actual clients’ cases. All sessions are held within the confidentiality framework.

•Plan for best practices for case conferences,

•Learn about clinical note taking,

•Explore updates of ethical practices involved in Counselling and Social Work,

•Encourage and develop team work skills,

•Learn about counsellor’s role and responsibility in regards to empathy, accountability, intervention & treatment plans.

  • Students attend and support one or more of our weekly psycho-educational programs that are directed to the community in large. Participation in our community based programs enable a wider view on issues and needs of participants and potential clients, and also informs about challenges facing the organization.
  • Students attend our Monthly Professional Development seminars that are directed to all professionals in the community. Our PD seminars are a chance for sharing and learning the best practices in our field of Counselling and Social Work.
  • In addition, students are encouraged to be involved in design and execution of our psycho-educational programs. We welcome their help with creating program manual, research of latest development in non-profit sector, and producing educational handouts to our program participants.

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