This society was established upon the idea of offering specialized and culturally sensitive programs to a community that most of our counsellors belong to: the Farsi speaking one. 2009-2018 has been effective years that our counsellors collectively managed to offer around thousands of hours of support groups work/ workshops/ seminars/ and psychoeducational programs. Although Society has managed to receive honourable grants and supports from various community mental health organizations, municipalities, and cities, still a majority of the offered program were unfunded and done only with help of dedicated volunteers. Over the years, society managed to receive several distinguished awards and acknowledgments. For about seven times, our counsellors and volunteers participated in the National Victims of Crime Week, through which grant was used to help the Farsi speaking community learn about the issues that victims of crime are facing. Ongoing parenting programs, anger management groups, and healthy integration family programs were all the contributions to the idea of improving mental health in Greater Vancouver. Society and its members have all enjoyed pushing towards improving mental health in our communities. Individual counselling in Farsi has been the highlight of all our services, through which we have helped individuals and families explore their mental health issues in a therapeutic space.
From May 2018, the management of the society is changing; therefore new exciting years are to be expected.

“Our communities are undergoing numerous challenges during time of immigration and constant cultural re-adjustments. Personal and interpersonal – relational conflicts and mental health issues are the leading sources for the pain and suffering that need to be dealt with in a culturally sensitive way”. (Poran Poregbal).