2009 - Present

Poran Poregbal (previous Founder and Executive Director) receiving BCACC award of excellence for G.V. Counselling and Education Society’s contribution to promoting counselling and mental health issues in the community (July2009-May2018).

G.V. Counselling and Education Society for Families (G.V.C) is a registered non-profit and award winning clinical counselling and educational organization, mainly serving Farsi-Speaking communities since its opening in 2009. 

G.V. Counselling represents eleven mental health professionals who have dedicated their time to promoting mental health and feeling of well-being amongst their community members.

Since the beginning, G.V. Counselling has received numerous awards for its excellence of operation and contribution , and has been praised for consistently providing Specialized Professional Counselling and Practical Psycho Educational Programs to residents, immigrants and refugees.

G.V. Counselling aspires to see a healthy minded community with no mental health issues by making its counselling services and psycho-educational workshops accessible to all of its community members.