Psycho-Educational Programs


Our practical psycho-educational programs are designed for all groups of people. Whether you are a parent, in a marriage or dating relationship or just look for self-development you can benefit from our simplified and practical workshops. Our programs are designed to be culturally sensitive and consider the differences in Farsi-speaking communities. The goal of these programs is to help you gain deep understanding of human behavior and particular life situations, and become in control of your environment. We want you to easily practice what you will learn in classes.

Our programs are mainly focused on the following areas:

FAQ for Psycho-Educational Workshops:

1. How many sessions of workshop each program offers?

We commence three types of workshops:

  • The intensive 1 or 2 day workshops.
  • The extended 5 week workshops, 1 session on a particular topic each week.
  • The extended 10 week workshops, 1 session on a particular topic each week.

2. How do we register for the workshops?

  • You can register online on our website. Go to > Events and News> Click on the programs of your interest> Click on Register Now.
  • You can also register over the phone. We ask for your credit card information, and will immediately email you a receipt.
  • Contact us for alternative options.

3. What are some examples of topics discussed in workshops?

Our most frequent workshops are about the following topics:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Couples in relationships
  • Youth support and mental health

The above are the umbrella topics while we offer more specific topics within these four major areas. For example, improving self-esteem is a workshop, which resides under life skills.

4. What are the fees to attend workshops?

  • For 5 weeks and 10 weeks workshops:

Each individual session is $30. However, it will be half price ($15) for the Registered Members. Please learn about membership options under Getting Involved menu.

  • Bundle packages for 5 and 10 week program is also available. The workshop fees are announced right before starting of each program.

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