1995 - 2000

Back in 1995 and working as a Social Worker in Stockholm, Sweden, Poran Poregbal was greatly inspired by the Swedish pedagogic approach to social problems. Poran was always observing a reality that the mental health of many Persian communities is often pushed to edges. As a new immigrant, she herself had experienced the challenges of not only dealing with the previous separation from home but also feeling the need for integration and re-adjustment to her new home. At the same time, she saw a gap in between the type of mental health care the Farsi-Speaking immigrant community needed and the services already available to them.

“Our communities are undergoing numerous challenges during time of immigration and constant cultural re-adjustments. Personal and interpersonal – relational conflicts and mental health issues are the leading sources for the pain and suffering that need to be dealt with in a culturally sensitive way”. ( Poran Poregbal).

Observing and taking in all the great lessons, she dreamed of starting a non-profit society to apply similar standards in serving her own community.

Poran Poregbal ( Founder & Executive Director) upon moving to Vancouver from Sweden in 2000, came to participate in many professional development and training sessions and learned from the Canadian approach and modalities for social work. In every workshop, seminar, volunteer position, and professional work involved, she searched for the right people who would share her vision of opening a community mental health care society.

Finally after years of contemplation with professionals in the Iranian – Canadian society, in April 2009, her vision was put into action. A dedicated team of professional clinical counsellors and social workers came together to build and develop GV Counseling and Education Society with one main goal in mind: to serve the immigrant Farsi Speaking Communities.

2000 - 2009